Goldilocks takes pride in being the leading Filipino-owned Bakeshop in the world.  
For over 56 years, Goldilocks is proud of its strong local heritage that has been trusted to become part of Filipino home traditions and celebrations. Its extensive retail footprint amasses to over 900 stores nationwide and employs almost 4,000 employees, making Goldilocks the largest bakeshop chain in the Philippines. 


Through decades, Goldilocks has been steadfast in its commitment to innovation, total customer satisfaction, and quality assurance that have been the key drivers of its success both locally and in the international markets. At present, Goldilocks has branches in the United States, Canada, and in Thailand. 


The iconic Goldilocks products, from bakeshop, meals, and merienda selections, are made in world-class facilities under the strictest quality standards and guidelines. The Goldilocks brand and its people believe in offering only superior-quality baked goods and food choices that its customers deserve.  


This is the Goldilocks mark of leadership and legacy -- a true epitome of Filipino thoughtfulness and celebration. 


To be the leading Filipino brand that delivers superior quality baked goods and food choices with the most heartwarming experience to every Filipino family.  

Little did the founders know that this
"Once Upon a Time" would flourish into
a real-life "Happily Ever After"


Goldilocks is a sweet tale of how the collective talents and passions of three women can turn a humble bakery into a world-class Filipino icon. 


On May 15, 1966, two sisters, Milagros Yee and Clarita Go, together with their sister-in-law, Doris Leelin opened a small bakeshop along Pasong Tamo Street in Makati. Fueled by their deep love for baking, they entered into a modest venture with the vision to offer the best products, the friendliest service, and the most pleasant experience possible to their customers. 


This was the birth of Goldilocks. It was named after a fairytale character to make it easier for the children and their mothers to remember. The name also suggested luck and prosperity.   



“To make everyday a celebration.” 


Integrity acts conscientiously and upholds honesty and moral conviction to do the right thing 
Mastery performs tasks with evident mastery and applies proficient skills, techniques, or strategies 
Passion to Perform demonstrates remarkable drive and motivation on the job and commitment to high performance standards to deliver required business results. 
Accountability connects one’s own job responsibilities with overall organizational goals and needs and upholds personal accountability at all times. 
Customer Focus addresses internal and external customer needs with great and consistent concern and attention, and provides satisfaction for the customer. 
Teamwork functions as a team player and exercises cooperation and shares skills and resources with others to achieve common goals. 


Well-loved, homegrown enterprise primed to serve the rest of the world

Most Filipinos consider Goldilocks not only a brand, but also a Filipino Institution. In fact its popular tagline, "How thoughtful, how Goldilocks" has evolved over the years into "How thoughtful, how Pinoy (colloquial for 'Filipino')", and later to "Ang sarap magmahal ng Pinoy!", embracing a culture and tradition that goes beyond the name. Now, on its 47th year, Goldilocks further highlights its position as the leading bakeshop brand in the Philippines with its new tagline, "You're the 1, Goldilocks!". Yet Goldilocks has also decided to reposition itself as a global brand- as a well-loved, homegrown enterprise primed to serve the rest of the world. Following the principle of "thinking global, strategizing regional, and acting local", it maintains the exact homegrown goodness of its products in overseas markets, but endeavors to acquaint multicultural tastes with its menu items as well.